"My Breaking Point"

"My Breaking Point" November 2009

This is a question I have pondered over time before…I know family and close friends, I have even know men that has said they do and did. Even with the most supportative family and friends as I have I had to feel that for me myself. I never really felt ugly until November 2009, which was a breaking point for me. I no longer like the way that I looked or felt! But one day I realized that I have to be able to love me more then anyone else first. God loves me more then me, the only one that can because he took on flesh and like for real died for me and my sins, that is the most love I have ever know someone on this earth to do.

Introducing.....Francesca! The 1920's Flapper

I had to get in front of that mirror and tell myself, I love me! I love every fat roll, tires around my waist, arms that shake, and my lovely stretch marks! And if i wanted to change it only I can do that, no one else. I have to love myself and not wait for a man to validate that for me. So, I made a moment of transition in 2009 that I need to make changes for me, that made me happy. So, with the assistance of my physician, gym membership, eating changes, and alot and I mean ALOT of water… I have been able to make  transition! With hard work and a commitment to the lifestyle change, I was able to offically lose 55 pounds, so far, and down 3 dress sizes! From a 24 to 18…my final goal is to get to a size 14 comfortablely. So stay tuned as I log my progress and status throughout this year.  Shout outs to my photographer friend J.Newman (http://www.jnewmanphotos.com/)  that was able to capture this moment for me, and allow me to express whom I am (the love of theater and preforming arts) and how I really do love myself and know that I am beautiful no matter what.

Now is the time to be a whole, complete woman….capturing the essessance of who I am. And I know that my husband will come when God says so, and He will capture who I am as well. Ladies, love yourself first, without that you will fall for anything and settle for less then what you deserve! I refuse to give up hope and trust in God that the right one is out there for me…some where…..anywhere…maybe around the corner…SOMETHING LORD! LOL!


I must Say I feel "Glamorous!"


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