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Let’s Just See….


Let’s just see what happens when I stop texting thee…

Alright let’s just be honest, the words that I speak don’t come from No Pocahontas …

They may not make sense, and if they are from the heart….they won’t be on a censored list…

I smirk at the thought and illusion that you pursue what you want…

Only if I am musically inclined then, maybe our words and lyrics can intertwine

Be tied by a beat, music lines is our retreat.

Let’s Just See how far we can go… the music should never stop… the beat continues to flow

Fear can control true love and destiny if you stop on the side line with distracts… what an epiphany.

You… I see… simple… yet a mind as complex as it can be.

Your questions keep me on my toes; your touch brings texture to my soul…

Unexpected connection boggles the mind… leaving questions of expectations

Will I be yours and you mine?

Let’s just see.

Patience is a virtue… you don’t rush perfection… wait… no one can be perfect right?

So why wait till you feel you have it all on a straight line.

I may now try something new…. Soar on a friendship that takes me high…

Continued to an island of great conversations of the mind…. Oh how I wouldn’t dare turn back the hands of time.

Let’s just see how you write this tale… from a perspective of someone yet still floating

Your mind thinks ritually, your lips speak swiftly…

It does seem unfair to meet you in times as these….

Shifting your life, unstable for the chase of the music notes on flight….

Funny thing is, I am not afraid to fly… and Christ as my savior… or die.

Let see if you run from something great, due to your own doubts

I will sit and wait… for the breaking point… that you say…I love you…

Known from the moment I met you.

Let’s just see… how far music and love can take thee.

Away from me?   Possibly.

The God, I know sees… what the end will be.

I’m willing to wait…. Well, Let’s Just See…


Heaven’s View


Oh wow, how did I do this? Some how I am floating in the air….

My feet don’t want to touch the ground as I try to understand, just how I got my self up there….

Not too fast….not too slow….just the right pace my body seems to float.

I smile at words spoken, ideas that I dream, I move higher in the sky some how it seems.

Usually, I can scream for help, and friends come…pulling me back down to realities slum….

This time its different…I desire no help, I want to see just where this feeling will take me all by myself.

I look down and see my past, pain and hurt that use to tie me down, now I only see it vaguely, faded behind the clouds.

Higher I float, I wonder what’s next, its all been surreal, knowing we haven’t even met.

I no longer want to stop, or fight…this for the first time in my life feels so right.

So, I float and feel like I’m in heaven. His words comfort, I look and now see…if this is real, only God could have sent him for me.

So is this what heaven feels like? To look down at the world of chaos and turmoil, knowing that your happiness out weights all the hurt that hits too your inner core.

For now, I float…and enjoy this view…heaven is where I want to be and that is a feeling I choose with he.

*Duchy!* ❤