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     At the exact moment I stepped my feet in the training room for my latest job, I truly was excited about it, and just knew that it would be the breaking of a new day! …..hummm… yea so,  that is so not what I feel like now .   After 6 months on the 15th, I will know way more than I wanted to about the stock market, people’s million dollar accounts that I can only imagine to achieve in my life time, and the thousand of password resets on an inbound client services line. 

       I have had a few different adventures when it comes down to jobs and career choices for my life. First when I was 11, I knew for sure that I wanted to be the best african american woman lawyer ever! Just like Matlock! I use to watch his show all the time and thought that was the coolest thing ever….however once I got older and realized all the years and schooling it took to be a lawyer, I said yea, that’s not for me. When I graduated from high school, my mind was set. I was going to Indiana State University for Nursing major and Theater minor.  Then I was introduced to the lovely thing called financial aid that wasn’t going to pay for another semester so I had to come back home to Indy. I was bummed but determined that medical was for me, so I went on to the local community college and graduated Cum Laude in Medical Assisting. With all of the excitement and joy that I had, a job was nowhere to be found, therefore I was stuck taking any job I could find that would pay my bills since at this point I was now a car owner, and had my apartment as well.

      From then, I worked in sales, child care, and even found a medical position in dialysis as a technician. That was the hardest job for me, and I knew then that I couldn’t do medical after all. What are the odds of that, not knowing that a career isn’t really going to fit “you” as you wanted or thought that it would from just the thought of what’s considered to be a good career choice.   I continued to search and find what was really “ME”. I even entertained the idea of taking something that I had a talent to do, but never though of it was something I wanted to do full-time, cosmetology.  I liked it for the fun styles and designs I created on hair, but once it only became like a hebrew slave school on the styling floor, my patience was then very limited. I dropped out not to long afterwards. 

I know! What now? What did I try, or experiment with then? Well, I had to get with the company I am with now to have a major “LIGHTBLUB!” moment.  There is one thing outside of my love for theater/acting is planning events and having some fun!  Event Management!

         I hear the words of my family….” Okay, so is this really what you want to do now?” ….Sigh… Yes! It really is….only took me to experience a few years of different places, people, and atmospheres to discover that this is really what I want to do. Not so much work for another company again, but launch and begin my business, taking full control of my career advancement. The idea of someone else rating my worth and work ethic is no longer an appealing to me, and I want to be far away from that as possible.

         Now,  I sit back in this corporate America role with this investment company, knowing this is not my cup of tea. Money is great, but not my hearts desire. So….what did I do? I enrolled back in college this summer to begin a new degree program at IUPUI for event management, launching my business this year… Serene Event’s Management & Productions…and already bidding on some events now! Just the thought of waking up to be able to do this everyday puts a huge smile on my face! And yes, this year has been all about Duchy doing what makes her happy and anyone that doesn’t like it, or don’t want to be apart of it can… “KICK ROCKS!” LOL! But for real…..

     I feel good. And I am happy.  ….Next…. New Boo?? ….. Maybe….