Brokenness is where it’s at….

Today is the day that I have laid my armor down.

My hair is loose and un pressed nor curled…natural is now the way to go…

My nails are raw, with no polish or extension, I can’t remember the last time I have even seen the nail technician.

My clothes have begun to expire from the last date of purchase, new price tags I fear with a definite purpose of desire.

My shoes have seen more pavements then a trained runner with a mission, the smell of newness is forgotten in this remission.

Brokenness comes when you lease expect it…

You/ I have seen a place that you / I once were, but happiness was not conferred, through the hard pa I pain endured in the field of work.

Why couldn’t a smile exist with all you had, a status of independence that should have made you / me glad?

The search continued after all was well with materials things, the heart wanted more, a love with forgiveness and a man that stings.

Knowing that God is the love of all, but the flesh wanted the touch of a physical claw,
My heart couldn’t rest until I said “I Do” in the white wedding dress.

Now time of wilderness, brokenness had set place in the atmosphere… a place of humbleness with no regrets, or given good luck tokens to a few elect.

I thank God for the strength just to continue life after each breath, it’s hard when you have no choice but to seek and feel the Lords Breath.

No man makes you whole; you must achieve that on your own, with losing everything, I have nothing…and now completely broken in my flesh and soul.

The number two can be divided, but one is whole, I will not depend on no fleshly man to satisfy or give me what I demand.

As I seek my promise land that God has for me, I pray and praise the God for Saving me.

Tears has come and gone but the joy of the Lord is my strength.

I will be what I have been called to be, my destiny is not determined by finances or men around me.

I have been called, chosen with a purpose…with that promise I must stay focused.

To take my own life is not an option; real peace doesn’t come from that action…

But to stand still and know that, he is God and to wait for my change is true strength…

My heart Loves, and will love him to the End.

L.C. Webster
July 7 ,2009

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