L.C. Webster comes from the home place of the Superbowl Champs The Indianapolis Colts. She has 4 sisters that she loves dearly, and 2 brothers that she admires as she is the youngest of the all. Her mother, Betty Whitfield, is an Ordained Pastor of the End Time Revival Church Inc. , Married to her husband , Richard Whitfield, for 12 years. Her Father, Gerald Webster is a retired business owner of  ABC Window Cleaning Services. Now working for the local funeral homes in Indianapolis, and married to his wife for 11 years Sherri Brown-Webster. She gave L.C. the nickname of Duchy/ Duchess after meeting her in 1998.

          Born and raised in the Apostolic Christian faith, now at the age of 25 she has grasped her own true personal relationship with Christ, understanding that there is a difference in religion and a lifestyle according to the word of God, which she strives to live by day by day. 

          Her inspiration comes from the words spoken of her Late Aunt JoAnn Norris,  that use to tell her all the time that the dreams and visions that God gave her, must be written. And that one day she should write a book about her life experiences. L.C.’s mother encouraged this with always telling her to keep journal, and her step-mother, Sherri Brown-Webster gave the footing path to go with the passion of Drama and Theater. All of this has given  L.C. what she needed to finally begin this blog and writings.

          Her future goals are to complete the cosmetology program and start her beauty salon within 2011. She also plans to venture back into the world of performing arts locally, as she has done many staged plays throughout high school and college. She wrote and directed her first staged comedy show at her previous home church of Greater Faith Apostolic Church where the pastor  was the Late Dist. Eld. Mark Plummer Sr. (Nov. 2008). 

Her life is continually evolving and yet facing new test and trials that prepare her for a calling and destiny beyond her control, as Jeremiah 1:5 states,  ” Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. “ King James Version . Here you will see her stories unfold in a tall tale version of life through her eyes and experiences. L.C. has earned the title of ” Drama Queen” among her closet friends and relatives, which she believes is completely…. ridculously…..absouletly…..no way….. NOT TRUE. 😉