First 25 Years……


….I write this, 4 hours before I become 26 years old. Time has flown by so fast that it amazes how much I have seen and done, but also what I haven’t yet seen or done. I am thankful for it all….

      My mother being a single mom was so hard, but the fruit of her labor is vivid as seeing all four of her daughter now grown, living successful lives. We all came up under the same household, but separate time frames of life with our mom. Needless to say, the root foundation was all the same and we all have given our lives to the Lord serving him in our individual callings.

      I have seen the season of hurt, sexual abuse as a child growing up trying to keep the understanding through life that it was and never will be my fault. I learned to adjust to a life without a believing father, meaning that he never really accepted me as his until I was older, however…I knew somewhere in his heart, he always knew I was.  At 14, he took me on my first date for Valentines Day. He said to me, how he treated me that day was the way I should be treated from any male friend that desires to date me. This is one of the many memories I have from my first 25, and I will never forget it or let it go.  I love him dearly with all my heart.

        At 16, I was surprised by my best friend, still to this day, with a sweet 16 birthday party at her mom’s house. I had never had someone show me so much love that wasn’t my blood sister. That day she became one in my heart and I love her dearly.  Thanks LaToya

Miami 2010

       High school was amazing! All four years I experience something new and different. From starting out as a freshman so zealous for what this new place had to offer me, hanging out after school just because to senior year crowned homecoming queen and stage role in our yearly musical ” Hello Dolly!” as Dolly. 

Musical Performed at School and I was the Lead...Dolly!


I smile every time I think about those days, days that are priceless and I will encourage my children to do the same.

     My health always seemed to have wanted to not do so well. Even when I was born, my mom said that she wasn’t able to bring me home with her cause I had a fever and they didn’t know why. I battled with acne and being overweight. Doctors even tried to say that I had an eating disorder, stress issues due to the sexual abuse, and that I should have been crazy for what I had experienced. Well, my God had the final say about that!! 🙂  Sinus infections, IBS, gallbladder removed and lastly was diagnosed with endometriosis which could affect the ability for child barring.  WHEW!  So when I say, after all that I’ve been through I still have joy? yea this is most def why. Made a huge change with eating right, working out and lost right at 50 pounds, I feel great and plan to continue this into the next stage of life!

November 2009

May 2011

       Experienced true love that I can only imagine to embrace somewhere in the next 25 years as I reverence the heartbreak that came with them. They taught me much, and I am grateful. The grown woman wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them.

    First family vacation this year!! Orlando, Florida as mom turned 60, we took her here to celebrate. She was so happy! Again, another priceless moment!

      I am moved emotionally as I write this, to have record of my words if the Lord ever saw fit to take me on home. I will never regret anything I have done or did, because it was all for a purpose and a plan that is greater than I can comprehend.  I may not be where I  would like to be, maybe some kids and a husband, and a BMW 750 Series! lol ….but I am glad that I am not where I was anymore. That time has ended, and a new chapter is beginning. I look to the hills from which cometh my help, and I know through him, Jesus Christ, My Lord and savior, I can do anything but fail!

  So what’s on the agenda for the next 25?? Well school (IUPUI) starts back up for me next week to aspire my true career path, Event Management/Toursim,  that I now know is for me. My business fully functional, Serene Event’s Management Inc.  Maybe a new city…Indy is just getting old I tell ya…and hopefully the man God has for me. Theater is always in my heart, as I hope to be back on the stage this fall!! (Walker Theater, Indy)  Time worries me, but I can’t let it consume me. Just got to enjoy every minute of it.

*** Duchy!***


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