Monthly Archives: April 2011



This is the beginning of a new season, a new level of my life. I plan on stepping into place of unmarked territory that I have never treaded before. Sites I am looking forward to see amazes me and I can’t wait to reach some of the purposes that God has for my destiny! Ready to take back what the devil has stolen from me and know that God is going to renew and restore. Shifting has occured in my life like a severe earthqake on the land, the after shock is painful but steps to move forward are in the plans. I can not change what other people do or say… but I can control what I do, and how I treat people. The best I can offer is what I have to give. ME. I can and have never pretended I am something more or less then who I am. I have accepted it. 🙂 This is how God made me and I love me and I know that his perfected will, will be done in my life and those that are meant to be here, will be and the others will fade. NEW SEASON! And I am not bitter about it at all! If anything I am excited!

Duchy’s Scribble.