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Disoriented Images


Have u ever looked through glass, and saw something other then what’s on the other side? U expect to see the exact same image as long as the glass isn’t tainted with some sort of effects. Looking around the glass, u glance to compare the two…through the glass and then without the glass. U expect to see the same thing. Now, why not look with the focus to see something different, something new you have never seen before. Some new details, some new color, shape, characteristic that you have never seen before. Wouldn’t that be grand? Same glass, no effects but only your outlook and focus has changed that which makes the difference.
We sometimes always want the glass that we look through to change what we see. U want it to be purple, so u get a special purple glass and look through it and what happens? U see purple. But what if you had looked through the original glass with the mind set that you are going to somehow find purple, and if not purple, your open to find another color. The color u do find just may be 10times better then the purple you thought u wanted.
I have grown up with certain filters over my eyes and ears. Shifting through distorted images that I didn’t really understand and only moving towards what I was familiar with and knew to look for. If it sounded one way, and looked that way…that must be the right way. Never opening my eyes to the bigger picture of the many , many different understandings that I could find. The word of God never changes, filters fair and true. It stands from the past, present, and future. Funny thing is people only still use the Word of God for one level of filtering, never to look deeper for a higher understanding and growth. Don’t put God in a box, the images before u through the plain glass has a lot more to offer then what your willing to open up too see.
This is for how I looked at people and judged my life. One glass, one book of scriptures, one life that only has one direction. When I got older, the images I seen and heard where more distorted, more confusing. My filters of scriptures seemed to only provide a discrete level of understanding. My faith, my love, my dedication was tested as I had to learn to apply my eyes to look a bit further and open my ears wider.
My images I see, have not clear direction before me, but I learn to apply my filters, when necessary while looking through the plain, clear glass…expecting too see something more, deeper, greater. Using the clear glass I have no choice but to trust God, my filters…that will always apply the word with understanding…my ways are not his ways and my thoughts aren’t his. My life is in his hands…my sins, my failures, my loves, and my pains. Someone told me, that I don’t see the bigger picture until its too late, because I move and say things to quickly. My filters are there, but I don’t know how to use them for more then what’s in front of the glass…I must look for more…and trust God that if he allows this to be in my life, I have to be willing to listen and hear either way. Whether I like the results or not.
Last point comes to mind, with the filters correct, pure clear glass, and a open mind…the distorted images can reveal what u may not want to see or hear, which sometimes leads u right back to trying to tweak the filters to your liking. Accept what u see, when u see it…listen to what u are hearing when u hear it. When the truth is revealed from the distorted images, it will always set you free, in the end giving u peace.

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