Monthly Archives: February 2011

the Perfect man for Me….


As I close my eyes,
I can see him so clearly….
His face glows, as he smiles
Expressing words that come from long miles.

He is this man perfect for me, I only can imagine him the way I want too see…

The sky turns and shifts among time…
Hearts beat continuously…with out relief as they rhyme…

I wonder when I think of him, can he feel it in the atmosphere,
That my love is real, strong and true…only if he saw in me what I know to be something so fierce.

Irony, is the word I’m sure…to try to relay this complexity, as my words don’t flow with out hurting me.

I’m not good enough, or maybe just not his type…hell I guess I don’t speak the language he likes….

Expressing his love isn’t hard to do, but he writes it as he keeps me at distant level coming too…
I fight to remain silent as I feel to explore more…
He soon drives the door closed to the option of being together ever, adored.

Frustration penetrates my heart and mind as I try to understand….
How is it that I’m a great woman, beautiful and all…

u can say and address what I will do for another man…
Why am I not more then just the friend u call, here to do for u all I can.

I hear all your stories, I tell u mine. We laugh at how they don’t deserve our time…
Then why aren’t u mine?

U say these men, don’t appreciate and respect me,
When I have feelings for u…
U say I will make a man proud one day,
When I am running out of hiding words to say without tell the truth.

The perfect man for me, seems too be you.
Problem is, I can only see what the door u closed show through.

The men that approach me, don’t know how to be my friend,
As they only want the body as it stands…

How crazy is it, when things happen this way… The one man I love as I friend, can’t never be more…this day.

He never sees me as a woman he wants to have his hearts core.

The perfect man for me is out there, I just learn to wait for his open door, willing for me to explore.


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