“Oh How I Wait….”


Oh how I wait….

The shift my feelings seems to be persuaded by ones true desire….

I have always dreamed and wondered what will be if I could only fly….

How time goes by,

Oh how I await,

For my rescue from this place, surrounded by confusion and chaos….

Peace hides from me, I sit and listen to the whispers of agony….

Each one reminding me, how they don’t love me…

Oh how I wait…

I wait to be loved, by one so true
Not moved by my hips or my thighs or the ideas that run through his mind

Forever not knowing why….

Oh how I await,

As tears roll down my face,
Creeping winds of a familiar place….

Haunt me, makes me believe…that my sanity comes and goes,

My mind leaves my body and soul…

Oh how I wait….

To be captured in fantasy, a world of pleasure…not tingled by flesh but words that comes with out rest….

A sweet melody to my ears, he comes oh so near…

Not with what his hands may do…but how his heart speaks words of truth.

Oh how I await,

To know that I don’t hate,
I just won’t accept

I’m not mean, I just done relate.

To your ideas or concepts of this world,
I’m a old school girl.

Oh my God how I await,

For my change to come.
I love me, and who I see
And one day, he will know that my body is flesh

My soul will never rest.

Time alone presents, understanding, focus, and those I have reprimanded…

For all u see, is not enough for me…

I await for u to love, care for every aspect of who I am, and who God called me to be.

I wait.


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