I Wouldn’t Change “One” Thing…


HAPPY NEW YEARS! I am excited as this is my first blog of the New Year!! I am already looking forward to taking this blog to a new level this year and expanding my writing abilities.

Shout Out’s to my Home Church New Haven!!! What a mighty time we had in church for watch night service. I was determined to release all mess and foolishness from 2010 and leave it there, moving forward to 2011 and the blessing I await for daily!

I have many goals and plans I have set for this year but I will not move on any of them without feeling the true approval and leading from God. He is still my Lord and Savior and Head over my life, therefore I must seek him in all I choose to do and take part in within my life. I am so tired of doing things my way and upset when things aren’t where I desire them to be, nor where I know they could have been!!

I refuse to continue living my life with out clear direction from the Lord whom I trust and serve with all my heart. This year shall be the year of Establishment! I shall be established and focused as God moves! I wouldn’t change one thing of last year because I would not be who I am today! I praise God for all the tears shed, the broken heart, and the spirit of loneliness. It just gave God the opportunity to wipe those tears, mend and heal my broken heart and fill the void of loneliness by becoming my companion as I wait whom he has for me.

I seek his guidance and blessings with the continued Journey of “The Prayer of Jabez”. Asking God to Bless me Indeed, and to enlarge my territory within the realms of performing arts ministries. Keep his had upon me, always with me!! Leading me not into temptation, keeping me from evil, that I may not cause pain. I continue to pray in Jesus Name Amen!

Stay tuned!!! I have some creative writings coming up! So subscribe and tell your friends!! Be Blessed!!


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