Day 1…….. The Prayer of Jabez


….. Today is the day I have started the fasting and I must admit my physical body is tired. Its amazing when u stop all of your normal routines and things u eat and just mediate at each moment at hand, you can do just fine without always stuffing your face with something not necessary. I have placed the prayer on my mirror and have begun a journal to mark my focus points of each day. I originally intended for this just to be to the New Years but I have desire to continue the separation from certain things to build up my spiritual strength, while learning more from this time with God.

I have found myself drifting off to entertain the thoughts of… ” You can’t do this!….you won’t hold out!….you will miss the attention of him and him…”. The Devil is a lie! I am more then a conqueror!!

Focus Point: Excerpt from the Book….

” When we ask God Blessings, we’re not asking for more of what we could get for ourselves..”

Bless Me Indeed Lord!


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