Alright Now, Lets Just Tell The Truth


 Now lets just  tell the truth,

You were my friend, my heart, whom I adored.

Through the pain and the tears, I now see and fear your lips have torn.

Me, down, me around… to a place of discord.

I never would have thought or knew that you, not you, could be so fake… un true.

I laugh at the thought, that I knew you. 

Let’s Just Tell the Truth

That you were my love, my life…my…friend. 

Through the time of glass, the Lord has allowed this shame of a relationship to come to an ending past descend…..

Your feelings have been hidden behind a veil of despair, I was not what I thought I could be too you,  Oh how fake you are too me!

Let’s Just Tell the Truth….

Your tongue is as a double edge sword,  you cut me and love like a cheap whore.

I can care less what someone may say, but you are the one that has the fire of pain…

U can’t delete me if you tried, as I am…memories , forever will be apart of your life.

Lets say goodbye, its done.  I’m tired of the hurt….

Be real as you truly don’t live the life as you say you reveal.

 Lets Just Tell the Truth

Words you have spoken, returned to me as a sting from starving bee

I didn’t, couldn’t believe, you said those things to my family… why not right to me?

Again,… that veil you were is black as ebony… hiding all your lies 

What’s done in the dark will come to light…

Whew!  Why, can’t you just be real? I’m done chasing something that’s not real.

Let’s Just Tell the Truth

Blame me all you desire, say I am the one that moved all the time

My steps were with purpose and true design, yours only erased as you have done mine.

I strive to live the life according to the words of Christ…. If I struggled too much for you, I won’t apologize…. my worship and praise still won’t be compromised.

If I fall in sin, I seek for forgiveness. 

Sorry if, I was the real holy ghost person that gave you conviction.


One day, you will face the real you, and know that your life has been a selfish, shallow existence. 


As I move forward, with my heart on my sleeve,

Tell The…..

you shall always know and acknowledge the REAL TRUE love  I had for thee.


Better is the END of a Thing then the Beginning………

* Duchy!*


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