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Random Scribbles That I Need to Let Out!


…. Don’t really have much to write today beside the fact that I felt like writing random things that I have been wanting to express and this is dediciated to Millie Price R.I.P.  We miss you!

 I lost a dear love this weekend, someone who has known me is I was little… my heart is sadden with the thought of this person leaving this world. I don’t like death, I know that its apart of life and everyone will see that day, but I prefer to look forward to the rapture and all my close friends and family go to glory then, not experience the lost of them while I have to continue this life without them. Its hard, and it hurt very badly. I don’t look forward to that day at all ….. Tears. I lost my pastor  ( District Eld. Mark Plummer Sr. ) in 2008 and I felt that my heart had been  snatched out my heart and broken in to small pieces. He came to me in a dream and gave me peace. So to the family of Mille Price… you will have peace and God will comfort your hearts, even when it doesn’t seem possible right now, it will happen. She is with the Lord, and her laughter and praise to the Lord will forever be heard in the walls of Refuge Temple Revival Center.  😉  Love you Millie.

* If you don’t say how you feel, or what your intentions are, as a grown woman, I will not assume or try to figure out what you are thinking and feeling. This is the one thing that gets relationships off-balance so much and the one time I don’t jump the gun and think that your kindness is more than just that… I guess I was wrong.  I am now conditioned to a particular way of thinking that prevents me from being hurt. Sorry u don’t understand that, I pray you find your lady that ” just gets it”.  🙂 *

*  Thank you for running your mouth against me.  :p  It’s obvious that you don’t know me and that you are used to be that person that makes be push even harder to reach my goal in life. Whoever you are, I thank you for your slander against me. U may think that you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, but I see the bigger picture of what God is doing and that it’s all good. Because no matter what, I am blessed, I will be blessed and there is nothing you can or any devil in hell to stop that! =D *

* How about we not jump the gun on what people say about someone else before you make your decision. U might just have allowed the blocking of your blessing.  Free will is still existent with the walk with God. *

* Family doesn’t treat family that way. I’m just saying. >:/ *

* There comes a point to where, you must deal with your decisions that you have made, can’t keep trying to find a way to soothe it or make it better because at the end of the day, your decision still remains. The cycle will continue like a drug addiction. Stop it before it begins. *

* I love my sisters, and they love me. “

* The two type of men in this world has a lot in common. They are men. No matter what somethings just doesn’t change, and it has nothing to do with if they are in the church or not. NONE! *

* He was a surprise and made me smile. May have come in a smaller package…. but I really don’t care anymore. It doesn’t have to be more than what it is for that very moment. Just enough to make u feel wanted, loved, and beautiful.  Thank you boo. *

* I see my blessing right in front of me, and I see something that was a soul tie calling me. I desire to move to another level in life and that soul tie is over… I must accept that and move forward. It’s worth it! Second Job interview! Lets GO! ”

* Get moving already?! Stop waiting for someone to come along and push you to become something great! You have the ability to do it. GO FOR IT! *

* Don’t think that everyone is just supposed to understand you, and get you, but you don’t want to take that time to understand and get someone else. This is who I am and if you don’t like it then kick rocks! *

* Tired of that third eye looking at me… so tired. *

* My secrets are beginning to be never told only to my heart’s true soul. *

* Excited about my new body, I did it for me and no one else. They key to keeping it off!!:)*







* I love my mother. *