Who Said Fairy Tales Are Just for Lil Girls!


Now who in the world said  this foolishness!!  Some one tell me the truth!! I don’t think that is the real case….

I think that fairy tales can be for grown women, I mean think about it…. all of the girls in the stories… Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty… they all were at least 18!  That is grown woman status.!! So if they are the main characters in these stories, then why can’t I believe in the same thing!

                       Cinderella,  had a not so happy set up with her step mother and her two-step sisters… but really all the hard work, hurt and pain they put her through just prepared her to be the humble woman that she had become. She was ready to appreciate her prince cause she had nothing but to be thankful for the little that she did have and that one day her prince would come find her and take her away! This is okay!  Something to look forward too, a life better than the one that you have currently when you are suffering and going through.

This is what I believe the Lord really wants us to understand. He is our prince charming! Whatever we could ever think of to desire he already has it for us waiting to come and receive it.  He give us free will and a choice to choose to serve him.  He is and always will be a gentleman. So, when he ask you to dance in the ballroom, take his hand let him led the way!

           I may create a world in my head, thank the Lord this doesn’t mean I am crazy, LOL just that I am creative in imagination which has now been used for writing and theater. I can imagine myself as that fairy tale girl, that is waiting for that ” True Loves First Kiss”. A man who knows how to treat you and respect you, and you will be his wife before he has sex with you! NOW you know that none of these fairy tales rolled like that, these princes did not go around and slept with the women in the town first, then chose his princess. NOPE! They did it right! LOL! ( Hint Hint MEN! ) 

When she left her glass slipper, that was the way he had to find her. That was a chase, a pursuit, a game, to find the woman that he had fallen in love with.  He could have said, ” Oh well,  Guess she isn’t the one for me.”  but he didn’t . He searched Hi and Low and endure all kinds of stinky feet to find her, and he did. He didn’t give up. 

             Some men still don’t understand the purpose of  “The Chase”. There is a reason God has a man find the woman and not the other way around. That is part of the calling a  man, to be that provider and head of the household. If she knows that you will chase her and seek out her heart, she will with no regrets or hesitations give you her loyalty and heart.

           Now with Beauty and the Beast….mmm… OMG! I don’t know it I could do what she did… cause he truly was a UGLY BEAST!  She saw more, she saw his heart. She saw something that no one else took the time to see in him. And she tarried and waited, and with her patience and love the curse on his life was broken. 

             Sometimes, God sees something so great in us that no one else does.  I , We , wonder why but God has that special person that will see what he wants them to see in you and love you for that… doesn’t matter about the outside appearance cause that fades with time, but to love that special part of someone who no one ever took the time to get to know, is truly the ultimate blessing from GOD.  He loves me, you, and everyone, no matter what and that is what a real life fairy tale should be about! 

                    Every one of these story’s seem to have something tragic happen in them that almost made it seem like it was over for love to occur,  but some how it all worked out and the prince had his princess.   Real life is not to far off if you really take a moment to think about it. I refuse to let past hurt and pains stop me from believing that my GOD has a great love for me.

              So leave me be, If i want to sit and imagine my prince, husband loving me and catering to me…(MMMM>>>GLORY!!)  Even if what I imagine is not the reality cause I still have to face some trials and tribulations, and it may never come to pass but,  I don’t mind waiting….while  imagining my fairy tale just as I did as a little girl, way before I knew, that  fairy tales didn’t come true.

Duchy! 🙂


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  1. Hey Duchy, You are right fairy tales don’t come true, because it is fiction and anything that is untruth is fiction. But you can dream as long as you keep it real. Cinderella did finally get her prince and he swept her off her feet. Only to live happily everafter in the dream world. So pray and keep it real and honest, if you want the true blessings of God to come into your life. Your Chronicles are very profoundly thought out. Listen to God first and then wait on the answer from God and he will deal with your heart.Love Mom always.

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