Oil & Water… Doesn’t Mix!


Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

Such a true statement! It’s not easy to find someone who you are comfortable with enough to go out  and “let your hair down” as an older mother would say.  I have found myself not able to find that person ( male) to call upon and lets just go and have a great time! Someone please tell me …. why and when did having a fun good time become associated with sexual activities and functions! SMH.

It’s really sad that the men in the church can’t say ” Hello!” to you because they are afraid that they will sin or do something wrong, so they stay away… then you get these men in the world that really don’t have the understanding of just being a “friend” first before expecting anything from  the relationship.  Causal sex is a new trend that has hit this generation heavenly.   I had a male friend literally tell me that after you hit it the men better than check the mindset of that girl, see where she’s at… REALLY?!  I could have promised that sex was a personal activity, esp since you can died from it in these days!  Why not check out the “mindset” of the lady before you even make an attempt… I won’t say think because men are visual, so if she is beautiful and attractive he is going to think sexually about her, but you don’t have to act on those thoughts until you know that this is someone who you really want to be able to have apart of your life a little longer then just the… OPPS… she’s prego guess I have to stay around now!!

Oil and Water doesn’t mix, not just in the sense of  a Christian dating an Unbeliever, but a lady that wants to be courted, treated with respect, and loved dating a man who doesn’t want to date her until he feels she is “worthy” of the time to be spent on, speaks to her any kind of way and thinks that she is supposed to accept it if she really likes him, sex immediately, and commitment is a maybe only if you ” cooperate” with the prior rules of understanding.

I was raised by my mother, a single mother of four girls. She taught us that all men wanted was to get in your panties and leave you alone! So don’t mess with them, they don’t mean you any good… UNTIL… she would then say… the Lord brings you your husband.  Ya’ll I didn’t understand that one bit then. I thought that she was just really mean and that I could have males that was just friends…. Yea… I did then… NOW… I understand…

My so-called male friends conversations have shifted since then…..  yea it’s not the innocent conversations that it really was then when momma would pick up on the phone to make sure…. LMBO!  Now I wish she could still be there to put that man in place when the first thing he is talking about is coming to my house and “chill” instead of taking me out for a nice dinner and movie!

My daddy once took me out for a Valentines day… and he let me know that he was taking me on my first date and that is the way that I am supposed to be treated every time when a male ask me out, and anything less is not acceptable and he doesn’t deserve me.  Oh how I have forgotten this! I forgot that my father had already showed me the way that this thing is to be done.  But I totally forgot, and has accepted a lot of mess in my life… if I had only really listened to that…

That is how we do with the Lord though… He has already led the path for us with the Word of God, but yet we forget, we don’t listen and then have a lot of heart ache and pain for our decision if only we have listened and been obedient in the first place.  You can’t strive to be treated with respect when accept anything… and you can’t expect God to bless you when you are always out of his will.  Don’t try to mix water and oil. It never works.



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