I see something so untouchable…. Not a flying bird or a star in the sky but a man who I have seen with my eyes…. He moves me in a way I can’t explain, shaken to the core my soul stands…. This man preaches to the nation and to the soul, he’s a pastor to the lost as their stories unfold. He is an untouchable man too me.

I have felt something untouchable, it slips away from me as soon as I just begin to inhale its, his aroma. Why is it that I can’t indulge in his kiss as a sweet touch of cold ice cream to ones lips. To love him is forbidden, for I know he is not for me… He is untouchable to my fingers too feel within my body’s desire control.

I have heard the voice of a man who is untouchable too me…. He is miles away and has wooed me with every word he has said. Oh how I love to heard his voice speak in my ear so gently , I breath and exhale to make sure I’m not going to faint.. This is real I tell myself, a man so far could love me still… But yet why did I have to like him? A man who is yet so untouchable too me, the unknown lingers in my soul…oh how I long to be loved by the one so true…this man is untouchable too me.

One day, I can only pray a man will be touched by me.


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