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I see something so untouchable…. Not a flying bird or a star in the sky but a man who I have seen with my eyes…. He moves me in a way I can’t explain, shaken to the core my soul stands…. This man preaches to the nation and to the soul, he’s a pastor to the lost as their stories unfold. He is an untouchable man too me.

I have felt something untouchable, it slips away from me as soon as I just begin to inhale its, his aroma. Why is it that I can’t indulge in his kiss as a sweet touch of cold ice cream to ones lips. To love him is forbidden, for I know he is not for me… He is untouchable to my fingers too feel within my body’s desire control.

I have heard the voice of a man who is untouchable too me…. He is miles away and has wooed me with every word he has said. Oh how I love to heard his voice speak in my ear so gently , I breath and exhale to make sure I’m not going to faint.. This is real I tell myself, a man so far could love me still… But yet why did I have to like him? A man who is yet so untouchable too me, the unknown lingers in my soul…oh how I long to be loved by the one so true…this man is untouchable too me.

One day, I can only pray a man will be touched by me.


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Satan, Imma Need You To Mind Ur Business!



1 Corinthians 2:9: But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 

 A simple principle is that, when you are in the midst of a battle, really in the fire of trial, you are on the brink of a breakthrough! Now, many writers have addressed this key understanding. For example, Israel & New Breed… the song Breakthrough..      


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

They in the fire but not alone!


  The concept is so simple, just to know that when you are in the “fiery furnace” you should yet still trust and praise God. Shadrach, Meshach, And Abednego were in that furnace with the fire turned up to the max but they still didn’t burn because the Lord God was right there with them, literally, IN IT!     




   Now, the many blessings that God sets up for his people are incomprehensible! You can’t even possibly imagine what he really wants for you, and how blessed he wants you to truly be.  It’s like he has a 5 year plan and sets out how to get you there.  But….. the lovely part of this is that, which we don’t like. Satan is able to look over to your future and see what this plan looks like and what is all involved in the process to get you there. And of course if he can, he will stop you right in your tracks.  He can only do what he is allowed to do anyway (Don’t Forget Job!)                   

 So, you know that God has a reason for allowing it to happen and all we can do is trust him while we endure the fight.  Bottom-line, I really, truly, I want him out of my business! Whatever he sees over there in the promise land of Duchy is mines and I refuse to let him take it!   I am attacked on my job, literally picked out to be persecuted when I do nothing wrong, but just because, just maybe, Satan knows that my heart desire is to complete school and have my business this time next year, and maybe God sends all the provisions and blessing to let that just happen for me!     



But Satan a.k.a. Lucifer has sneak a look and seen what God has in store for me and finds a way to fight me, try to discourage me in any shape form or fashion.  I am sick of him and I want him out of my business!  What Me and the Lord are doing, working in and out of me, has nothing to do with him besides the fact that at the end of the day I will be what God has called for me to be, and if that interferes with his plans, then so be it!           

A girl can DREAM!


                       My husband .. ummm…… must be a freaking Killa, drop dead gorgeous, saved, anointed man because he sho nough fights me with the matters of the heart and waiting on the Lord for that right man… SMH! My momma always said that the imitation comes before the real one, well I have had a few of them, a hot mess of them and enough is enough, I am going to hold out and wait till that change comes and the real one is here in my life.      

 (Umm… Satan… stop looking into my future, I know you hear this and that is fine, the Lord is my strength and my Keeper! This test has and will be continually passed!)                     And last but not least, my children. (The ones that I am speaking into existence!)  They must be some beautiful, talented, smart kids!!  Satan has tried to hinder even them from coming into this world through my womb with a condition in my body of Endometriosis. I bind every foul spirit that has looked into my camp and saw what great blessing my children will be and set up a trap to try to stop them from being conceived.   Satan, you have no authority here and all though my womb may be sealed now, it’s yet still for a purpose of preparation for the blessing that will only come through the marriage of that man who you are trying to block as well. SMH!!               

MY GOD will never put more on me then I can bare, so you have had your moment, but please believe and Know that your time is shortening down.  And my praise… through every tear, cry, hurt and pain that I may suffer for the purpose of the call on my life…. my praise yet continues on!  So I will tell you once more…. GET OUT OF MY FUTURE! Yours Truly,     

* Duchy!”*     

 P.S. Cause whatever you take, I am coming for it, and what I don’t come to get, God has already blessed me with better so then you can keep it. 

Girl, He Can’t Chase you, If He’s Running Away


It continues to amaze me how this real life dating goes.  The illusion that there is a happily ever after has truly faded away from the existence of my mind. I use to believe that a man and woman would date, fall in love, get engaged, get married, and some kids and be happy. Well, in my short years I have learned that this is not the case. We as people have made this so complicated.  Now I use to think that it depended on if they were in church or not. Please. That has nothing to do with it. We as human do what makes us happy, and if that means, you know what you’re doing is wrong, you are willing to sacrifice that for something merely fulfilling ” Curious George.”  

Case #1.   He married her because she was pregnant, but didn’t nor does he yet love her. Now he imagines and entertains women that fulfills a void of love and companionship that is not achieved with the woman that he said, ” I DO” . You do what?? You don’t love her, your heart is with another and the only reason why you stay is because you are too prideful and sacred to really face the reality that you two can’t stand each other. Convenient? Yes.  Safe sex? Oh yes!  But what happens when you take that fire into the bosom and now you are ready to step outside that marriage… But any woman that he entertains is now his secret and must always await for the clearance to when they can been seen or talk…. SMH!

Case # 2: You have been with this woman for 5 years. Never cheated, never really wanted too because what u two got going is good. Don’t know if you will ever marry her, but she’s alright with it cause you take care of her. Now for the first time, your eyes wonder, and your interest has been piqued by something young and new. The idea of the touch of her body is compelling to his dangerous side. The risk of the damage of the relationship is high, but his animal to kiss her body continues to rise! When that door knocks, what will he do when he answers this time…..and again, when the main woman is home, the lil secret doesn’t get a response and is to ” understand” that his woman is now there and he can’t respond….SMH!

Case # 3 : The man has fallen in love with a woman who is real, but he is not in a good place nor wants the title of a relationship. But the casual sex and hanging out is okay, and the understanding if she wants to move forward with someone else, that is okay too. He will take whatever he can get, and how much she is willing to offer. No matter how deep it takes her with her love and feeling with him. He may pull away and say mean things to her, only to keep that reminder that she is not his girlfriend, and every time she feels the hurt of that realization… she leaves hoping one day he would chase her… but he never does because he can’t chase love when he is running from it.

         Here was just three scenarios of so many,  that are so true in this world, but the key for a real woman is to learn how to see it and recognize it from far away and consistently pray!  Not to continue to fall into the snares of the enemy, as he uses the desire of love and happiness to keep you wrapped up in bondage of soul ties.  ” He will only do what you allow him too!” Said a dear friend of mines. Set your boundaries early, and let it be known where you stand.  You are not a game piece or a toy. If he wants just a friend to be coo with then let that be that, but not expecting more physical than a good hug. Your value is great, and when you wait, that right man will see that in you. 

 The song from India Arie simply states…

“Oh it’s easy to find some one to play with
And almost anyone will do to fill your idle time
But that very special someone,
You can share all your dreams with is so hard to find”
I keep praying….