Ask My Daddy Can You Love Me….



Its tickles me but it’s so true. A true gentleman should ask the father for permission to have a womans heart, To take her from her daddy and momma, be a provider, lover and best friend to her.  So many don’t follow those traditions, they think their too old fashion! I don’t think so. I think you should seek the Father for approval, and not just the natural father but the Lord God. HE is the only one that truly gives permission if a man can have a womans heart. Well, that woman has to have that heart in the arms and care of the Lord. That choice that she is done doing her thang, and Gods will be done. Why not have a man who seeks for your heart through Christ. FIND ME behind the vail of the Lord, not under the sheets of sex and flesh.  If you want me, my heart…you must ask my daddy can you. We  may sneaky, and keep it quite while getting to know them. The heart may peek out from behind the Lord’s veil wondering, imagining.  It could be too soon to know, and that’s okay too. Anything worth having is worth working hard for!  So now I stand my ground, and I wait patiently for “that” something great.  New ministry has made me excited again about Gods work! The love to please God is more than enough, but I yet still need more of him everyday. That’s what keeps me safe.  That sneaky love can only come through the approval of God, my father, that I trust. He knows my heart more than anyone on this earth…..  Now I await to see if this man seeks it, and finds it… and asks my daddy!    



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