Connecting the Dots of God’s Divine Order


In the southern town of Atlanta, Georgia a little girl sat in class one day as her teacher taught about the U.S. History.  This girl was not from Atlanta, but the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Her mother and older sister moved there that prior summer before the school session began. The little girl was not excited about this move but had no choice to embrace it as she just turned 11 years old.

She attended a school called Peachcrest Elementary that was considered in walking distance, however to in her opinion, she was not used to the hills and spider webs that accompanied the walking path; this should not have been allowed.  Her teacher was Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton was a classy African-American woman who was about 5’5 in height, short black hair and always wore the brightest fire-red fingernail polish.  She would stand with great posture and spoke with proper English, which for the south the little girl found it nice, since she was the one that was told to have an accent.

One day one the teacher asked all the students in the class what did they want to be when they grew up.  At that time, the little girl became a lover of Matlock and just knew without shadow of a doubt that she wanted to be one, until years later she discovered the true length of the schooling, which changed her mind very quickly.  This same little girl went to pursue many adventures to find what was right for her life but found that many of the avenues she took did not really lead to many successful opportunities.

This little girl is now 25 and working for a company in sales.  Her jobs up to this point have been medical, customer service, and sales.  None of those career choices seem to be what God had in store for her to do, all the doors closed.  The talent of styling hair didn’t really seem to be something that she wanted to do as a career.  She loved to do it for fun, from time to time with friends and family. Only when she was in the mood, if not, she didn’t. No really, this wasn’t something that she thought was something that she should NOT take on as the basis of her income, when sometimes she just didn’t feel like doing it! LOL  But, as life reality has hit and with five years till 30, she knew that she needed to seek the Lord for a plan and what he may have for her and to lead the way.

She wasn’t approved for the financial aid until God released it the summer of 2010. She wasn’t able to afford to go to school full-time and live on her own until God placed her into a job that she wasn’t stressed and making the income to cover her bills, which again did not come until the summer of 2010. She wasn’t able to seek the Lord for ways that she is able to enjoy her singleness and press towards ministry until she was released and healed from the ending of an engagement, which was officially a year the summer of 2010.  Are you seeing this? How God has connected so much and brought it together in the year of 2010. The number 10 means to bring everything to a completion, nothing is wanting.  How great is our God that he is able to time everything right when it’s suppose to happen when you trust and lean on him! 

She, Duchy, I have started the career of Cosmetology this year of 2010. This being the area that I really didn’t want originally! Isn’t that how it is though, what you don’t want to do and try to run from comes right back around and it’s really your true blessing! OMG! I felt that!!! LOL But as I have learned that it’s not about me, but about what God wants and when he wants you to have it!  I have always known that I wanted my very own business as majority of my family are business owners.  To own a salon is now my goal for the year of 2011. It’s achievable and reachable and I trust that this is what God originally wanted me to do.  A few of my classes for Nursing and Medical Assisting are now reviewed in the courses for Cosmetology as well as the sales and marketing of your services and your products used.  I worked in furniture sales; I’m currently working as a QA agent for a company that is sales.  All these different avenues have prepared me for what I am stepping into today! HOW AMAZING!   Medical teaches, ethics, responsibility, honesty, care of others, empathy, and realization that your patients depend on you to care for them. Working in dialysis I realized that those people could care less what I was going through and if I was having a bad day, I better not bring in on the floor, when they are on machines to replace an organ in their body that no longer works. My woes meant nothing.   Same reflects to a service that you are providing to someone who is expecting you to make them look and feel better about themselves when they leave your presence.  And this all still ties to the love of Christ, and just the understanding you treat people as you want to be treated. When you seek him first, his kingdom, all his righteousness, God sees your true desires before you do, and he knows what you need before you need it! COME ON GOD!  Think about your life events, choices, and how they may have been connected together for an ultimate purpose. This is just one area of my life, career. I can’t wait to see what he is going to do with finances, companionship, ministry….Thy will be done…Thy Divine Will Be done in my Life on this day dear Lord. Amen.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. God is soo good and I was blessed by this today, He knows what you need when you need it! Be Blesses!

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