Soul Ties

Unseen, I see what resembles a chain around thee.
Ropes and chains that rearrange and become connected by the passion , love of one’s remains.

A tie that has knots of love, sex, passion, oh ….that comes so erected
Keeping the arms of life unmovable, under a radar , unknown, not to be detected.

Trapped in a maze of confusion and deception, your heart yearns for his love and affection.

Understanding why you can’t get this person out your mind becomes an illusion,

Your body’s temp rises when you think of him giving you some sort of conclusion.

Its ended. Truly with a sincere heart, lies of deception within yourself,
Keeps you in a fake world of make believe art.

Your body shifts in a phase of shudders and pain, not a illness, but the withdraw like a drug that you are addicted to through your veins.

Oval shape formations of water, releases from your eyes
and you wonder,
being with him …was it such a true compromise?
But with this knowledge, acceptance still doesn’t bring the relief, cause you still don’t want to eat or drink.

Complex thought now run through your mind,
as it tries to correct the unbalance in this equation,
between logic and emotion,
the answer still you need to find.

You can only see
the ties that became one
when he had sex with thee.

Ahh! Now the revelation has come so clear.
The image of you and him that now keeps you and fear
Of what is, it is what it is…

Release is a must, to move free from the venom that he deposited, so many times, that has left you crying to the point that you have bags under your eyes.

God himself only knows the antidote for a soul tie, that brings healing
Of the sores and bruises,
of places you didn’t know could hurt,
from the top of your head to the soul of your feet,
Oh please God I need relief.

A word is spoken, woman thou are loosed!
Walk and know that I am your man,
He can’t do for you what I can!

When you see that man, that had you in a tie…
You can look in his eyes and know…Praise God I am free inside.

The thought of his touch and caress doesn’t make that place between your legs flutter,
It’s now only a memory on your list of life’s clutter.

Now that you have been set free, the soul tie has died.
You can focus on you, her, the heart
As God has given through this poem a testimony of why.

Stay Free.

June 4, 2009


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