Abraham’s Bosom….I’M ALIVE


“Okay, get yourself together Duchy!” as she sits up slowly in the bed. Her hands are still shaking and her heart is still pounding from the dream that she has just had during the night.

” I wonder what did all that mean…. Sighs… I guess I should write this one down too. ” said Duchy as she reached for her notebook to begin to write out everything that she could remember, from smells to the simplest colors. She didn’t want to miss one, vital part of this dream. 


I was standing in a room full of people.  Some had familiar faces, and some did not. The room was cloudy and a bit hazy, actually seeming like a dream.  There was no smell, as if my nose wasn’t working in that room for some reason, and the cloudy white haze that resembled the fake smoke that came from the machines that haunted houses uses for the effect to scare people.

This room was set up more like a class room. There was chairs with the desk connected to them, just like you had in high school, but no one seem to be sitting down. Everyone was standing around as if lost and confused, trying to figure out where in the world they were, and how did they get there, why were they there, and when can they leave to go home.

I stood for a moment in this room, and looked over to the left. I noticed a woman who was sitting at a desk as if she was the teacher of this class. Funny thing was, no one was talking too her. She sat there with a lot of papers in front of her and from what I could see she was checking off names like an attendance roster. SMH!  ” This is crazy! Where am I?”  I said to myself with now some what frustration because no one was talking and just walking around like some lost zombies waiting to be awake by the smell of meat or something.

“Excuse me?”  I said as i walked over to the desk where the lady was sitting at. ” Where am I? What is this place?” The lady looked up at me, and had a slight grin on her face as if too say she knew something very important and i wasn’t going to like what she was going to say when she said it. Almost jus like the look in a doctor’s eyes when they come out to tell a husband that his wife didn’t make it while in surgery. Although, everyone, including the doctor continued to tell him that it was a simple procedure and that she would be just fine. That look is very scary because you have no clue what the heck they are going to say. The woman didn’t say a word, she just stared at me like she really didn’t want to be the one to tell me whatever it was that she was getting ready to say. ” Sweetheart you have died.”

I remembered the month before, I remember just a few days before, but now I suddenly can’t remember what happened to me a few hours ago. My heart dropped to the pit of my belly, my skin tensed so tight I could feel every hair stick straight up in the air, my eyes froze locked into hers as I literally replayed everything that she had just said too me like a very bad scratched CD. This isn’t real! She is lying! Who kidnapped me?! Are you serious! Come on now, let’s be real about this thang. I am 25 years old, no kids and getting ready go to school. I still have a lot of work to be done with my life…my time is not up yet! Tears are now filling like a pool of water in my eyes and the pool is flowing over. How can this be?! I have work for the Lord that needs to be done. I mean I know I haven’t been active in church here lately, and I have not been walking in my calling for quite some time but, but…Oh DEAR GOD! Please let this not be true.

” So, what is this suppose to be? Waving my hands with anger and fustration…around my head, fanning the thick cloudy hazed that continued to linger in the room.  Heaven?? ”  the woman at the desk, leaned her head down, as is she was tired and had been asked this a thousand times before.  She lifted her head back up and said, ” No, that comes later, you are …”

” You are in Abraham’s Bosom.”  Said a man in the back of the room. I turned some what swiftly but steady paced to see who answered my question. “I’m sorry? I think this haze is getting too me, what did you say?” 

” You heard me. Abraham’s Bosom.” said the man in the back of the room as he moved towards me so that I could get a better visual of him through the cloudy haze in room.

” Hmm, yea okay…but that makes no sense. The only Abraham’s Bosom I know of is the one spoken of in the bible.  The one that when the saints die they go there, awaiting for the rapture of the church. I chuckle and close my eyes at the notion that this is real. Maybe I was on a TV prank show or something, and some movie star is going to jump out and say…GOTCHA! That would be nice.  Look, I don’t know who you think you’re fooling here, but I know better than that.”  I turned back toward the woman at the desk as if she was going to tell me it was a practical joke and I could go home.

A young girl, walks over toward us slowly and opened her mouth but nothing came out. She stopped as if something got ahold of her and she couldn’t move any further. As I watch this her get closer to me, I could she that she was about the same age as me and had been crying quite a bit. Her eyes were puffy and red. She leaned in close too me, choked on a sob as more tears begin to run down her face. At this point my pool is a river with tears. 

 ” You don’t remember because the dead knows nothing. It will come too you, as it has now come just too me. And I now see how I died.” She broke down and cried so hard. I shook my head in disbelief and placed my hands in my face and screamed as loud as I could. ” NOOOONOO!” This could not really be happening. How can this be? Why did God let me, ME, of all people died! No way, this is not happening and I was sure that there was some sort of mistake and I was going to find out. I might can’t remember what happened but I was for sure going to find out and how to get this changed.

” If this is Abraham’s Bosom, then where is JESUS!! as I slammed on the desk, leaning in the lady at the desk face demanding an answer.  Huh? Well? Where is he? I want to talk to him about this.”

” He’s not here Duchy. I’m sorry, your just going to have to wait with all the other people here. When the time has come, you will be reunited with your body and you will meet him then for that final battle on earth.” the woman said as she got up from the chair at the desk and walked over to some windows in the class room. There was nothing to see out the windows because everything was still hazy and cloudy even outside.

” I want to talk too him. NOW! ” I walked over too her and grabbed her shoulder, turning her around forcibly to face me. I wanted her to see my face, see my expression that I wasn’t playing this game anymore. I was now sacred and wanted to just go home. Go home to my apartment, go home to my family, my job, even the crazy men in my life but I just wanted to go…home. Please, I beg of you. Let me talk to Jesus.”

She looked at me in my eyes and simply stated, ” He’s dead. That’s why you can’t talk to him now. He has not yet risen. When he does, is when he will come for you with everyone else. I know this is hard for you but in time, you won’t even notice how long you have been here and his return will be at hand.” She walked back over to her desk and begin to look at the papers on her desk. As I turned to speak to her again, I was suddenly frozen from what I had seen before me. More people were casually walking in the room through the door. All of them seems zoned out and disoriented. They too must have just died and don’t remember a thing. How they got here or why they are here. 

Now what I want to know is why in the world isn’t there an angel here or something to greet you, welcome you… say hello…how you durning…something!! Maybe the teacher lady was. Maybe that’s what her role was to be here and watch as the souls walked in Abraham’s bosom like night of the living dead. Yes, by now, I am beyond reason… and what is she talking about Jesus is dead? What kind of mess is that? No he’s not, he is alive and rose from the gave after he was crucified. Yea, something wasn’t adding up and I didn’t have to be a CSI investigator to tell that.

” Lady, you have been slightly mis informed. The Jesus I serve is alive and…”  I was suddenly interrupted.   ” THAT’S RIGHT HE IS!” Said the young girl, as she jumped up out of the front desk that she had been sitting in since talking to me. ” Ummm…clearing my throat  as she caught me off guard. Yea, you know girl don’t you?! The Jesus I serve is alive and his spirit lived inside of me! If you won’t get him for me, that’s coo…cause I know how to call out his name and get an answer. ”

“HA! Baby you can cry all you want, but he’s not going to hear you.” Said the teacher lady as she leaned back in her chair. Suddenly, I felt a new feeling that i hadn’t since I had been here. I didn’t like the fact that she was trying to keep me from my father! I now have a bubble down inside me that is saying, you know how to fight this, don’t give up now. And I can hear the scripture saying so loud and clear, Out of the Belly shall flow rivers of living waters! I’m Alive! and I don’t care what she has to say, until I see my Jesus face, I am not dead! Absence from the body, present with the Lord is what the word says and I belive it now, as I did then. Actually I believe it now more than ever before. Oh how we take the word of God for granted.

” Je..SS..UUU…SS!! I screamed. Oh Lord please hear my Cry! God Please forgive me for my sins. Wash me and make me new, renew my heart, my mind my soul! I know I am unworthy, but please accept my cry and my prayer. I don’t belive this is right, I don’t believe that it’s my time to die! I don’t belive that, if it was my time….sobbing…you wouldnt leave me here all alone. I know you wouldn’t do that…you love me and I love you too much Lord. PPPPLLLEEASE!”

The young girl begins to wail and travail before the Lord with me. I didn’t understand why she was crying out, maybe she felt like she wasn’t suppose to be here either and it wasn’t her time either. Whatever her reasons, I didn’t care. All I knew is that the Word of God speaks of where there are two or three gathered in my name I will be in the mist. God can’t lie. I know his word is and was and will be true. We both cried and hollered out. None of the other people seemed to be aware of anything that was going on in the room. They were still zombies.

” HEY! You two! Shut up!”  the teacher lady walked over and grabbed me up off the floor with such force that I felt as if I was going to lift a bit into the air. Her strength was somewhat unusual for a woman her normal size and frame.

” Don’t you touch me!” I said as I snatched away from her grip.  ” Here! Take this and leave. Do you hear me. You have been more trouble for me then I have ever had in a long time. Go! ” As she pushed a yellow sticky note in my hand with some numbers written on it… all I could make out of it was a lot of  2’s.  She moved me towards the door where all the other zombie people where coming in.

” Now, wait a minute! What is going on? What’s this sticky note…?” I asked.      ” You can go. I guess there was some sort of mix up. You are allowed to go back. ” she said this to me with some what of a look of disgust  in her face. She now looks at me as if she is personally ticked off that I am being freed to go. But why, what does that or me staying or leaving have anything to do with her.

” So just like that I can go? but why… then as it came to my mind, I could see it in her eyes. I knew exactly what happened. I was slow to speak, as I wanted to see what was going on really with Miss teacher lady. Jesus is alive isn’t he? I walked back near her, towards the desk and the chair that the young girl was back sitting in. He heard our prayers… and you lied! DIDN’T YOU!

” That doesn’t matter! Go! You got what you wanted. Yes, he heard you. Now GO! as she said this her eyes begin to darken with a form of rage and hatred. I knew then that she was no angel of the Lord, but no fear gripped my heart as the peace of the Lord was on me, and boldness to speak to her, or whatever she may be.

” Whoever or whatever you are, I rebuke you In the Name of Jesus. And you have no authority to touch anything on me. And if, by some chance the Lord gave you permission, as he did for Job, then so be it, but I still know who I serve and will not stop praising or reaching out to him no matter what. Even if I am not where I should be… I will praise!” I  said that with a power that I myself don’t know how or where it came from.

” So be it. I will check on this so…called…mistake…” she said as her words now are slurring, and her neck is moving in the form of  a snake. Her eyes were now black as coal. And when…I do….you will…be back…”

” No I won’t. What about her? as I pointed to the  girl who was helping me travail just moments before.  I want her to come with me. I know you didn’t do that just for me to go home. Come on, let’s go.”

The girl looked up at me and smiled and was no longer crying. She seemed so much better. ” I can’t go with you. My time has ended. I came to peace with it many years ago, but sometimes I forget and I relive it all over again as if it was brand new too me. But you go and continue to give him praise.”  she got up from her seat and gave the teacher lady a look of as if too say, “Now What?” At this point I am confused and tired and I don’t understand what is going on. I still really just want to go home. ” Don’t be afraid, Duchy. God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind.

” I hate you can’t go with me. But I understand if it was truly your time. I know that you know the Lord.” i said too her as I gave her a hug and then whispered in her ear, ” That teacher lady is not of the Lord. Why must you stay here with her? ”  She pulled away from me to move me directly in her face so that I could hear and see everything that she was saying too me.

” This place was not for you, but how my life came to an end was. I knew that you didn’t belong here the moment you walked in the door. That’s what jolted my memory back. It happens occasionally, now and then someone gets here that isn’t suppose to be. Your right though, about her, she isn’t of the Lord and because of my choices I am here and have been allowed to help others as I can, but my resting as been set  until that great judgement day and there is no returning for me. She said what she could hope to deceive you as all the others have been over the years, but I and the gentleman that spoke earlier no the truth and sometimes are used some what as protectors and aids to those that are here incorrectly. Duchy, I say too you…becareful of all things, and know that the warfare is not carnal, and he, Satan,  does desire to destroy you.” She hugged me one last time as tears ran down my face. I knew that whatever happened to her must have been tragic for her to be stuck here. She walked me towards the door and whispered, the warfare is not given to the swift. I nodded and walked out the door.

” Duchy?…. DUCHY? girl you hear me calling you!” said my mother while standing over by my sisters and the ice cream stand at the park. ” Uhn?….ummm…  I mean Ma’mn!” I was back with my mother the day’s before I could no more remember what happened. I was allowed to come back right before whatever happened to me, that supposedly killed me, but what in the world was it!? Could I possibly stop it before it happened again. OH DEAR GOD, Please I don’t want to die! ….AGAIN. 


Ugh, my phone is always ringing…she said,  well I will finish this dream another time.




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