“Dreadful Thumping’s and Prayer“


             As I lay here with my eyes now open, my heart is beating quite fast. I truly hate when that happens! I hate when I have a dream that scares the crap out of me that my heart starts beating so fast while I am still sleeping. This dream stuck out like a fat man squeezing in a Kia Rio. SMH! 

              All I know is to pray when I have had a dream that places fear in my heart. I can remember when I would tell momma about the dreams that I have had, especially if they scared me. She would always tell me, “Now you better call on the name of Jesus! Plead the blood and tell Satan to stop coming in your dream.  Are you praying before you go to bed LaTasha?”  “ Yes Ma’mn. I did.” I would respond with a now bit fear of her, as her words were all ways so powerful. As from then on as a child I learned how to call on the name of Jesus and plead the blood over myself when I would pray at night. I truly didn’t like those heart beating fast dreams.

               As I got older, the dreams didn’t stop and momma begins to notice something about them. That all of them weren’t just “nightmares” they seem to have a meaning and a purpose to them of some sort. All I knew is that they made my heart beat fast and I would wake up breathing like I have ran a mile knowing I was too fat to run around the darn block.

              “LaTasha, I think the Lord is giving you some of those dreams. Pay attention to them, and write them down. Then pray over it and ask the Lord to give you the understanding of the dream and what it means. “Momma said. I heard her, and I did it…but I still just wanted them to stop. The next dreams I had,  I wrote them down and looked back on them from time to time, and truly I would remember something else every time that I could not remember before. Soon, the understanding of those dreams became more evident and I begin to despise them even more. The dreams weren’t blue skies and flowers; they were of death of people I loved. I would see people who have already passed away in my family, talking in the dreams. Momma told me that when a person that has already passed is in your dream, sometimes it means that they represent death, as majority of all dreams are symbolic.


That’s all I needed to add to my heart beating fast, sweating, can’t go back to sleep dreams. Death. Demons. Spirits.  After the age of 9 years old, I was now experiencing all of this, and it only lengthened as I have gotten older. They still mess with me now at 25, but I don’t freak out as much anymore. Key word there folks…AS MUCH. I now seek the Lord consistently for an understanding of the dreams that he gives me and the discernment to know when they are of an unclean spirit. This is a gift that The Lord has given me, that I sho nough didn’t ask for and one that I would not have minded if he took it back! I’m just saying. But on the flip, I love to know that the Lord still has chosen me for something…something!! …not everything but…something. That connection is priceless and as much as I disliked it, it’s a gift I have learned to take seriously and move accordingly to his will.

I have seen the death of my family and could feel the Spirit of Mourning relating to them. Those dreams I thought was the hardest of all, because shortly afterwards they passed away. But I learned that the hardest dreams to see were the ones that dealt with ME. Showing me things about myself in the spiritual realm that God wanted me to see and be aware of what was going on. Dreams from me seeing my guardian angel fighting on my behalf, and that angel was Gabriel himself…can we say “WOW!” all the way to me seeing my death, twice now, officially today. Satan has a plan for me, obviously he has seen what God has in store and wants to stop me from getting to it, but I think that is pretty neat that he is fighting so hard to stop something that has to be, absolutely, amazing! And it makes me want to fight even harder.  I mean really, wouldn’t that make you fight if you knew that someone was attacking you only because they can see what you can’t and it must be something lovely, OR…. It is something detrimental to them. I think it’s both for me. Accepting a call at 16 years old was pretty earlier to start the movement to tear down the strong holds of Satan’s kingdom. Is he scared!? Good. Cause as long as I can, I praise and live for God. So I say to him with me starting this blog, YOUR MOVE!

I will write many things on this blog, mainly dreams, visions, poems, or even lessons that I have encountered and lived. Oh and beware, I do love to crack jokes so be ready for some of that too!! The next posting is a dream that I experience the last two nights. I pray that when you read these you are blessed, moved, and that something related to you. I cover this work with the power of the anointing through the Holy Ghost that I believe to be real…wait I know to be real. I cast down any plans that Satan has, and his will is not welcome in this camp. These words will and shall reach the nations and the Lord’s Will, whatever that may be, shall go forth! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

* Duchy*


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